Wednesday and Thursday, September 6 and 7

IRDC’s lively lunchtime discussions are as much about learning from peers as they are about networking with them. Hosted by VMSD Advisory Board members, editorial staff and conference sponsors, the Roundtables are the perfect forum for exchanging problems and solutions, best and worst practices, and challenges unique to your retail sector or design specialization.

Roundtables will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, September 6 and 7, with different topics and table assignments each day. Choose topics from the list below when you register. Tables are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early to secure your choice of topics. You’ll receive your table assignments when you pick up your registration materials onsite.

Choose from these 2017 Roundtable Discussion Topics:

  • Reinventing retail
  • Retail storytelling
  • Proving design ROI
  • Building communities in retail
  • VR/AR opportunities at retail
  • Mannequin trends and inspiration
  • Attracting and retaining design talent
  • Blending digital and physical worlds
  • Data analytics and design
  • Sustainability in the store environment
  • Pop-ups and shop-in-shops
  • The future of luxury retail
  • Retail renovation on a budget
  • Retail and food: latest trends
  • Materials trends and strategies
  • Retail format trends
  • Gamification and retail
  • Analytics-driven design
  • Multi-sensory design
  • Designing for Generation Z
  • In-store digital strategies
  • Best practices: Creating brand experience centers
  • Trends in European retail
  • Driving change in your organization
  • What can we learn from indie retailers?
  • Lighting design trends and inspiration
  • Is omni-channel still revelant?
  • Retail design trends in Australia/Asia
  • Generous brands/retailers
  • Consumer trends and design
  • Best practices: Retailer/agency collaboration
  • Fixture trends and inspiration
  • Visual merchandising trends